Becoming online sellers

was not an easy task, but after hard work and passion we were able to find our niche and start our business. After setting up our stores, finding suppliers and feeling ready to scale we hit a brick wall. We realized that unless we were able to have better reach into automation we wouldn’t be able to take our business to the next step.

Multi-Drop came to the world!

We did some digging and researching and found out that there was no service out there that would help us better .... so we decided to found Multi-Drop. Many years of experience and all of our knowledge and insights are being purified into Multi-Drop.

We are

not just a great software or an app, we are a group of people, ready to serve you. We are working with many suppliers, and we are fully integrated with them. We work tirelessly to make sure our clients are satisfied. We have employees all over the world, in places like U.S, China, Thailand and the Philippines. We also have business partners with warehouses in China and America so we offer a full Third Party Logistics, including items inspection and branding.

Just sell. We do the rest.

Sourcing, drop shipping, branding and fulfillment are on us.

We would love you to Join Us as a new satisfied customer